German lessons

Tailor-made German lessons

for business:
With a better or good command of the German language you will improve your career opportunities with (Swiss-) German companies and organisations. It will make you a more productive employee and will help you feel more integrated and at ease in your surroundings. As the philosopher and essayist Emile Cioran so rightly put it, ‘we don’t live in a country, but in a language.’

for travelling:
Use your knowledge of German to enhance your travel experiences too; not only in German-speaking countries, but also in other countries, especially in Eastern Europe.

for cultural understanding:
German is the language of Goethe and Kafka, of Brecht and Hesse. Deepen the pleasure of reading German works in their original language.



My German lessons are tailored to your individual needs and are taught with verve and joy.  Existing knowledge is further consolidated.

When teaching vocabulary, I often use a playful approach, because if students are happy and relaxed, they absorb new information better and more sustainably. Drills, vocabulary exercises and grammar rules therefore alternate with games, short video sequences and conversations.

Unless otherwise requested, all four skills are taught in class.
(listening, speaking, reading, writing).

My premises are conveniently central at Hertensteinstrasse 66, Lucerne – just


Teaching hours:

Monday – Friday 9.30 am – 8.30 pm
Samstag 9.30 am – 4.00 pm


Small group  (3-5 students) SFR     45.-  per hour
Semi-private group (2 students) SFR     65.- per hour
Private lesson SFR     95.- per hour

Conversation classes:

Small group  (3-5 students) SFR     35.- per hour
Semi-private group (2 students) CHF     50.- per hour
Private lesson CHF     75.- per hour


All lesson units last one full hour.
The first lesson is free of charge (trial lesson)

Coursebooks are not included in the price.